d-link dsl-524t

dsl-524t.jpgstill not sleeping… i moved my workstation to my new office but i still not achieve to stay in bed during the night….

i have seen some requests on the webpage i’m maintaining on openwrt.org upon the adsl router d-link dsl-524t so, i decided to write some answers… [ i see that also Andrea Beggi is having trouble with this hardware device ]

it’s just 54€ for that hw, what do you expect? 😉

i have to figure out how to make the ADSL interface work with the new Openwrt/KAMIKAZE firmware… i’m making some bug hunting on the driver of the linux kernel



3 thoughts on “d-link dsl-524t

  1. I might get it wrong, but why aren’t you just using a firmware from another DLink product? I cannot remember it right now but mine should be using a 604t firmware and it’s working ok 😀
    Oh yes don’t tell me it’s just religion 😉

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