we (italians) are without a government, but probably you already know

anyway, i continue my work and today i have to face a problem of implementing a testing suite named CppUnit over a fragment of QTopia code that will work on an embedded machine as shared library

i’ve just been to check my left arm… i felt from a jump with the snowboard 3 weeks ago, seems to e ok… my doubts today are about the company that did to me the “ecography”… a private company

are we moving toward the USA medical system?

i spent only 31,94€ (like i’d would have had going to a public hospital) of tickets giving, to the assistant at the reception, my doctor’s request… who pays for my visit? there are 4/5 x-ray and ecography machines in that structur, is it affordable as private investment? i think not…

do we pay as public for a private service? uhmm… i do not like that. I admit, i wanted to try that structure… but, why do they want to close the hospital in Sarnico, if it can be economically sustainable just putting there more x-ray and ecography machines and make them work?


ok, i get back coding


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