why Google could not have born in Italy

– no capital
– no believe in young interpreneur
– no business driven way of conducting primary research
– no pervasiveness of internet in the adv market

I mistake something?

p.s. I probably understood that Google is based upon “artificial neural networks“… is someone of you working on them?


5 thoughts on “why Google could not have born in Italy

  1. Hi Guido,

    I agree with you Italy needs to offer more incentives.

    I was doing a search for this old climbing friend from Italy from Milan that has exactly the same name as you!!!!

    He was doing his PHD at the university here in Vancouver BC Canada in the early 1980’s he was a pharacologist and worke for Pharma Italia.

    He used to live at corso magenta 123 and I can find him.

    do you have any ideas alpenglowpro.wordpress.com Greg maurer I liked you blog

  2. hi Greg,
    corso Magenta is one of the most central street of Milan.

    Your friend probably has good money or is part of one of the oldest families of Milan. What do you know of him? Just that he works in the chemistry field?

  3. Thanks for the comment Guido

    Would you have any idea how I could contact my old climbing friend?

    The only thing that I know of him is his old address on magenta 123 I believe
    And that he was doing research in organics that occured in nature to use as potential medicines. and he worked a Pharma Italia which I guess is a big pharmicudical company

    And his wife’s name may be pat or patty?

    thats about it Is there a Serra family living at the address on Corso magenta? Do you have a phone book?

    I know it is a lot to ask.

    He probably comes from a well moneyed family i would not me suprized.

    Thanks Greg

  4. In Italia sulle reti neurali e su tutti gli altri paradigmi di intelligenza artificiale la ricerca viene effettuata nelle università e viene fatta anche bene ma purtroppo lì rimane confinata.

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