a sad birthday

Today is my birthday,
I had fun yesterday evening with some collegues at the funfair in Duesseldorf

…but this morning I got called by a friend of mine: Gianluca is gone

I’m taking the first flight to Italy…

Gianluca was affected by cystic fibrosis (ITA: fibrosi cistica). They gave him new lungs at the beginning of this year, but… first he caught a virus, they saved him… everything seemd to be solved but… we do not know what happened. I’ll know maybe more tomorrow evening.

He has teached to me the importance of “will”, to live …always with a smile.

Goodbye myfriend.


1 thought on “a sad birthday

  1. Dear Guido,

    I would like to say how funny the evening was and how much I liked it.
    It was really a great session on the funfair.

    The more I am sorry about hearing this horrible news.
    I would like to offer you my sincere condolences and wish the very best to you.

    So long,

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