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May am I too much fondamentalist against Catholics? No, I’m not, at least not against the religion by itself, but against the Church. In the last 20 years, cause my mother is a teacher of religion after she retired from german teaching, I’ve been sent to summer camps by nuns, and I passed the last year of high school hosted in an hotel (managed by some priests) for rich guys (was supposed to be a place to give help to poor people)… I met 2 young good priests, but I also met many people devoted to “god money”, and not to what they where supposed to be.

I also hate fiercely the movement “Comunione e Liberazione”, which has reached in Italy a strong political and economic power… and people belonging to it are most interested in the power achieved by belonging to this “group” than to the religious background of it.

What I want to say with this post… some weeks ago I wrote a sentence very strong about how some people pretend to interpret the Bible and the Koran. Was not against the believers of the religions connected to those book, but against their hierarchies, and the fanatics. I believe in a world where everyone could be able to believe and practice his own religion without facing fights or prejudices, and a world also where people like me are able to NOT believe at all, without being pointed out as comunists or something else. By the way, I’m agnostic. And… I envy who believes… at least who believes has something to hope of… he/she has at least a path… a sort of explanation of life.

By the way… even if you are a “ciellino” (the term we use in Italy to point to someone which is part of “Comunione e Liberazione”), don’t feel angry about my post, if you are disappointed, reply or come to me if possible, and we will discuss about it. I can argue, at least… and you?


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