police is for/against the people (volk) ?

It is “nice” to see the differences between a free and a non-free country

In Italy the police is used only against the people, and not in safety of the people. In swiss they told me that when you get a house the give you Name, Surname, photo and mobile number of your local police officer … in case you need… exactly like in Italy! (joking, sadly)

from: Corriere della Sera :: Corteo non autorizzato, scontri a Cadorna


3 thoughts on “police is for/against the people (volk) ?

  1. Yes Dr. House, but it is not the correct way. He has the law… what could be the only way? Riots? It doesn’t work. Sadly this is democracy. He is not the problem, the problem is the fucking 50% + 1 of the voters who elected him. I’m scared of them, talk them, fight him is useless.

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