studenti pestati a Torino

Ci risiamo… Torino, scontri all’università tra autonomi e forze dell’ordine

Ovviamente il problema per il governo non è la presenza nell’università di gruppi inneggianti al fascismo…

Per fortuna posso leggere anche IndyMedia per avere una versione NON governativa:


ENGLISH : (4 my colleagues & friends) At the polytechnic university of Turin some left-wing students where protesting against the presence in the university of an info point pro-fascism organized by some right-wing students. Instead of managing the situation just dividing the two parties or even better avoiding that that info point (ILLEGAL in Italy) was settled, the police has preferred to give as usual some kindly kick in the ass and some security truncheon on the heads of the left-wings students. As usual… like during the G8, remember?


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