ash cloud (2nd round)

[3:00 a.m.]
north italy airports closed till 14:00… ash cloud covering more and more AGAIN… k, booking a ticket on the train verona/monaco/dusseldorf for monday morning… 😦

Halt Datum Zeit Gleis Fahrt/Reservierung
Verona Porta Nuova
München Hbf
ab 07:05
an 12:25
12 EC 82, 1 Sitzplatz, Wg. xx,
Pl. xx, 1 Mitte, Abteil, Nichtraucher
München Hbf
Düsseldorf Hbf
ab 13:55
an 18:37
EICE 624, 1 Sitzplatz, Wg. xx,
Pl. xx, 1 Fenster, Tisch, Nichtraucher, Handy

100€ … not bad, and I have as well wifi access for the whole journey…

Volcanic Ash Advisory Centers

skyes seems clean… 🙂 … not sure what to do… the airports have huge backlogs… or not??? from the MXP live timetable doesn’t seem so bad…


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