I grow up as a DevOp

at job interviews I was always asked if I felt myself as a developer or a sysadm… both! why splitting the careers? and now finally the market is evolving confirming I choosed well 🙂

during the discussion on testing tools, yesterday, it came out that all the test automation area, is still a grey area… “cucumber” seems to be the solution… but it covers only functional testing… “http-qat” was an internal project in the direction of a language to describe tests… now it has to be formalized. I’ll probably work on formalizing “cucumber” language specs for load and performance testing… trying to integrate with “tSung“, which seems indeed better than “grinder“, “HP RoadRunner” and “jMeter”…

I know my role


1 thought on “I grow up as a DevOp

  1. Nice post!
    I have always refused to choose between sysadmin or developer career, I really like both and I do not want to miss any experience!!!
    $(I know my role)++

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