3 thoughts on “devopsdays’10 – performance testing, IGNITE

  1. @Dr.House
    Worst? Why? Have you ever see a presentation by some Polimi’s professor? :-/
    me quite cute! But…why “We are hiring” at 2nd page??? 😀

  2. @Dr.House, it was not a “presentation” in its specific meaning… it was an ignite… which is damn different from a presentation… the slides are going on automatically… 15 secs each… and you should have a fluent talking without bothering on what’s behind… or at least, you do not have to stop speaking cause you choosed the wrong slide for that moment (you have to try it many times)

    @Elena, I was asked by my boss’s boss to brand it, the day before… and yes, we were advertising that we are interested in bringing onboards people…

    this is the address developer.jobs.berlin@nokia.com …don’t mail me 😉

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