mdns aka bonjour on linux

k, if you need to scan your network for a printer or an apple time machine, what you are looking for is anything the apt catalog as “mdns”

xxxx@xxxx:~$ mdns-scan
+ xxxxxx [c4:17:fe:xx:xx:xx]._workstation._tcp.local
+ 50-xx-xx-xx TimeCapsule._sleep-proxy._udp.local
+ NZ+LP45QU62ENs7oU3SC+xxxxxxxxxxxxx._acp-sync._tcp.local
+ TimeCapsule._airport._tcp.local
+ TimeCapsule._afpovertcp._tcp.local
+ TimeCapsule._smb._tcp.local
+ TimeCapsule._adisk._tcp.local
^Cowsing ...          

p.s. aka “avahi”, aka “zeroconf”


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