WhatsApp numbers data collection by China?

I’m a single 41 years old italian and european citizen, on social media and dating apps. Nothing odd until here. Funny thing is since a couple of years I get targeted by lots of good looking chinese ladies with the sole purpose of “adding me on WhatsApp” using the bait of a getting to know me better for a relationship. All of them, once added or once I deny to be interested to add em on WhatsApp, they disappear.

Once, I thought I was simply not good to keep the interest on an instant messaging conversation… twice started to get frustrating… after the 3rd and 4th time I started asking to stay in the dating app without disclosing my mobile number. After seeing repeatedly disappearing interest once I declined the use of WhatsApp… all from chinese/asiatic look alike women, well… my paranoia got triggered and decided to write this post.

Someone is gonna see it in a more contextual search, maybe.


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