how (not) to keep employees

despite the financial crisis people like me, engineers, keep moving between companies, some people for money, some others for new challenges, but that is not the whole picture…

people need to be properly rewarder, made confident that what you do makes sense, being told the good and the bad of the company, give them hope that they’ll grow in the company and there will be always a place for them, and ultimately that the company will be always capable of paying for the bills

no, Nokia, laying off “god knows how many people”, is not a good way to gain trust from ur people… I better move on my own instead of waiting u to lay me off… and I did it

no, “startup-pb”, laying off an engineer the same day i get on board, is not a good welcoming message for me… even worse when I discover that 6 others have been dismissed in the 5 months before with the same unfaithful excuse

no, “startup-book”, telling only the good and not the bad, doesn’t help… everybody will just think everything is good

even at Google, it is not the first time that I hear people leaving cause of bad management… there is a huge disparity between the way engineers are considered, and everyone else in the company…

so, even in bad times like these, engineers, and other technical people, just move

and u are not losing only a person, or a human resource as u call him/her, u are loosing company knowledge and an investment that will be ***ing expensive for you to substitute… just look at how much head hunters pretend, and how long it will take to train or get up to speed the new person

and ultimately… yes, a nice and welcoming office space, matters