many old photos

ok, deutsche telekom has not activated yet my internet connection… so I’m in an internet cafè to check my email… and… ok… I just recovered many photos from the mobile phone that I many times promised to myself to take time to publish them…. so… enjoy 😉



5 thoughts on “many old photos

  1. p.s. the photo to the door bell… is just a remember… to me… yesterday I felt like in a movie… how many times have you thought “how can you be so idiot to leave your home keys inside the house?” ? ok… I made it… yesterday I was going out to attach the label on the door bell… and after a step down the stairs I heard the door closing behing me… that joke costed me 20€ to call the landlady to open me the door… 😦

    p.s. (2) for all the other photos… comments are wellcome 😉

  2. Ue ma chi è quella gnocca bionda??? Altra cosa per caso capiti in Italia a fine mese (verso il 20 in poi?)


    Hendrix tuo affezionato lettore

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