iPhone, 3 months after

…after I made an enthusiastic POST about the iPhone, now I have to make some notes on it.

Mine is contously rebooting. Every time I plug it to the MacBook and many many times I receive a call. It hangs. It slows down. It is literally unstable & unreliable. It’s a nice toy, but not a business phone.

I decided to get rid of the 3 months trial of the MobileME: I cannot anymore syncronize with my personal calendar on the MacBook cause the settings do not allow it. I got the sync to the company Exchange server enabled, and with this settings, I cannot enable the sync of the calendar from my MacBook.

So… what’s my next phone? πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “iPhone, 3 months after

  1. So you must choose if sync to *the company* or to *your macboock* ?
    It seems not an i-ssue (issue on i-phone) but a (not so) simple management question.
    What about continuous reboots ?
    Have you tried the old good way (reinstall from scratch with no applications and then add application one-at-a-time to debug the problem ?

    Giovanni – that is looking for a small lcd for the new board (look on my website)

  2. p.s. about the iPhone… well… I should try to reinstall, but… yeah, ok, I have the 3 desktops completely full of Apps, and damn, I bought 3 CDs from iTunes… will I loose them? I have to give it a try. By the way, at least, T-Mobile has answered to my mail of complain. … the answer sound like… “4 iPhone issue, we do not give a shit, call Apple” and “4 contract issue… you signed a contract, shut the fuck up… anyway we fw your mail to a commercial manager in order to offer you a business contract as require”

    n.b. my last 3 bills were 300, 400, and 400€ each… 😦 (80% international roaming/traffic)

  3. Guido: in the middle there is a simple pdf document.
    If you know anything that convert it to plain html on the fly …
    For the protoype: at the moment I’ve installed Linux (lenny), and I’ve attached it to an Arduino: allt to make another version of fountain as the previous I’ve made for water b2b.


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