Dell’s inefficiency

k, a quick translation of previous post…

I bought a rebranded Dell laptop, AlienWare, from a mall in Italy. First of all the device has been dispatched with one single DVD without the laptop drivers. I had to hunt on the net to get all of them. I had to reinstall it cause it was an exposition laptop. I do not trust boxes exposed to the public…

K, somehow I made it working. I missed the AlienWare customization but at least I can install the game I bought and play. But…

As reported in the post before the previous one, I have a problem with a M$ update which is locking the logon screen. Not always, 50% of the times.

I tried to call the Dell Support in Italy… at the first number they bounced me to the XPS Support Line… I tried it, but the operator on the other side kept hanging up the phone instantly from 16:30 till 18:00. “BASTARD!” 😦

K, I phoned he international assistance… damn, they need some code from the laptop… I proceed installing an ActiveX… grab the codes and start an adventure… every operator I’ve been in contact with I had to re-spell the complete couple of codes… even if the call had been rerouted directly by them without me hanging up the phone… welcome to the “business of the outsourced call centers!!!” 😀

First line support, I got an indian guy… the voice is metalling, I image they tunnel the call over the voip directly to a call center there… K, he can’t help me, I get bounced to the AlienWare support line… I guy tells me to install another ActiveX to let him log into my box… he gets the same debug useless information I got… and he bounces me to another colleague. Third/second line support… finally a US girl… k, I explain the problem again… and she ends up proposing me to pay 89$ to have support for 3 days on Microsoft products… or 200$ for the whole year. I really was tempted to insult her… she understood I was controlling my self… somehow.

I got routed to the international “Customer Care”… this other lady tries to point me to dial the italian support line… I explain i did it… she tells me to call the italian XPS line support… I explain her that they do not even pickup the phone … and she ends up with a 3rd number… k, I thank and hook up the phone.

I try the new phone number… it is incorrect… 😦

k, after 1 hour and 17 minutes on a mobile roaming call towards US… I have not fixed the issue… I spent hell lot of money cause the 1 800 doesn’t work, at least from my mobile… and I really hope people read this article and stop buying Dell.

p.s. I got some suggests from a friend of mine… I will try them tomorrow

…. in the meantime: DO NOT BUY MICROSOFT – DO NOT BUY DELL


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