4 thoughts on “everyday life in a corporation

  1. @Dr.House: I had to put together people with budget to spend (with no clue on how to spend it) with people with need of a budget (with technology that could fit in what the first one was entitled to spend his money on) … and even after that and many other meeting, they didn’t spent the money in that direction… just cutted the budget and let crucial a project, in need of that technology, fail

    …how a corporation works is still a big mistery

  2. indeed… not sure if to call that “work”, but it is needed to let the other 10k people below know what to do…. the best would be to find a proper trend between the people wasting their time in confcalls and the minumum required to ensure that the other 10k people know what to do on their daily base to run the business

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