moving to Berlin

k… I’m getting mad on to find a flat I like

even worse, is to make the choise on where to stay… here is a map of Berlin with my points of interest

AREA 1, “Wedding” and “Prenzlauer Berg“, is next to the office and the brother of a very old friend of mine.

AREA 2, “Kreuzberg“, is a poshy expensive one, also cause it has most of the historical places of Berlin

AREA 3, “Tiergarten“, is the university area, to save time travelling might be a good idea to stay there if I want to do evening courses at TU-Berlin

…and at last but not least… I need a Starbucks on my way to the office 🙂



2 thoughts on “moving to Berlin

  1. I’d choose area 3, I think. It has Starbucks (been there with Birdack) and it’s close to the Tiergarten, which is beautiful and perfect for any kind of physical activity. Also, in such a big city it’s nice to have some green around.
    The Friedrich area is obviously the nicest one, but it costs quite a bit more and it’s pretty crowded.
    It’s true that area 1 is closer to your points of interest, but Berlin has very good public transports, and you can move really fast underground. To me, the only real advantage of area 1 is it’s the nearest one to Oranienburgerstr., best kebabs in Berlin 😉

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