we (in Italy) will get NO new jobs

[…] The large role of Italy’s public sector, a muddled commercial law system, and the perception of corruption and latent economic nationalism discourage investment in Italy by outsiders. The presence of organized crime also constitutes a deterrent to investment in some parts of the country. Many Italian institutions and international organizations examining various aspects of Italy’s investment climate concur in this assessment. Italy in 2009 slipped slightly in virtually every international NGO ranking of regulatory transparency and ease of doing business. […]

src: http://www.eubusiness.com/europe/italy/invest

If we, as italians, do not change way of behaving and clean up our “garden”, we will get no investments, and no new jobs. Italy is NOT a place to invest. That is why skillfull people just get abroad. Shame on you italians.

Go on, I’m really keen to see what will happen on the 14th December… if *personalism* will prevail again. Instead of sending home that crazy prime minister, our government rapresentative will just accept favours an money. We need an action from someone outside, the european parliament for example. Or a civil war: honest citizens against what looks, day by day more, like a totalitarist regime.

Good luck Italy, good luck citizens.


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