about Life, the Universe and Everything

it is hard to be a nerd

anyhow, blog moved to wordpress.com (I’m a lazy and cheap bastard, yes I Am) and category renamed from “Pippe mentali” (mind castles) to “Life, the Universe and Everything”

enjoy, life is good even without god …still hard the same way, u just need to find other motivations to keep going …and give the most to the people you love, even more šŸ™‚

and yes, life is just one, u keep moving but u can’t be everythere… I feel so fucking homesick, but u know, people grow up with the idea of moving from home… soon or later

other things I wanted to rant about?

  • a 24 years old friends which is taking over the world
  • “Bruti” (from Trieste) and the thing about how nerds leave the most in history

I would have used “hackers” but it has been abused and associated too much with IT


1 thought on “about Life, the Universe and Everything

  1. i would like a lot of things, but i cannot. so i try to conquer my opportunity and change my life. however it is important to have a close friend or someone to love, becouse if you are alone, you wil be sad.

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