notice period and negative people

oh boy, I’ve never suffered so much the influence of a negative person like today before coming home… I felt depressed, really depressed and unmotivated. Besides it had been a fantastic productive day, with challenges and results. Probably sometimes companies shall become more smart in recognizing that such kind of people, if they had resigned, they had their reason and could be a really negative beacon in the organization. I had a good chat, enlightening, but I have to admit I was not able to stay neutral and avoid to be sucked into the negativity I was being exposed to. If people wanna move, let them go, gardening, whatever…

…anyhow, a proper meal, in a welcoming warm nice flat, music… has solved it. Waiting for my love to show up on skype 🙂


1 thought on “notice period and negative people

  1. you have you job, but i know it could be unpleasent,

    However you have your love, don’t forget it.

    if you had lost, you would be more negative

    trust me !

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