multi-language contracts (and instruments) for private services

I started a petition at the European Union Parliament… let’s see if this gets anywhere

We are currently living in a union where a private citizen can move across the member states but services are provided only in the local language of each member state, despite the fact that most of the big services organization are present in each, or most, of the member states. Despite my right to have an italian bank account, I cannot use it in germany as primary bank account (most of the utilities providers will reject that as a reference bank account to withdraw automatically from). Therefore I have to choose a local bank organization, in the local language. I choosed a bank, that has branches in 4 different countries of the union, and I see no point in having not to be able to use a web interface, and contracts, in my native language, applied on a german IBAN. For this, but also for many other topics like mobile phone contracts, or insurances, I want to have, especially for companies that already have their legal documents in the language of multiple member states, that they get forced (or incentivised) to provide me the choice of signing for their local branch in two or more languages. I also want, that if they already provide their service in another member state, on a website in my language for example, that I can use it to interact with them. In the specific example, I stumbled on Cortal Consor, german brand, with equivalent italian brand Hello Bank, part of the french group PNB Paribas. But can easy be applied for Vodafone or any other big financial or telco institution. They do probably get fiscal advantages to be a registered as an SE (societe’ europeen), I’d like that they have to become really an european service providing institution.


UPDATE 2017/10/30

I just received a letter from the Committee on Petitions:
My petition has been accepted and got assigned the number 0338/2017


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