solaar M570

If you are reading this is because you are an IT Professional with a love for trackballs from Logitech… been there, done that… the beloved M570 has a 2.4 GHz transmitter that lately has given you/me issues with overlapping devices… I thought it was the battery, I was so wrong. I started to suspect it was an interference since travelling a lot I noticed the issue was intermittent, based on the environment, last but not least from where I’m writing: an airport.

Googling/DuckduckGo-ing, I ended up spotting a statement on ASK

I have this problem often as well. It could be rf noise from other wireless devices, but also USB3.0 causes RF noise that influences the unifying receivers of logitech. Aside from moving the receiver with a USB hub, cable, different USB port, what sometimes helps for me is unpairing my mouse from the receiver, and re-pairing it. It seems to me that the frequency used between the receiver and the periferal is chosen when you pair it. I’m not sure if this is true, but it does seem to help for me. On linux you can do this with the package solaar. It is a GUI that lives in the system tray that shows you the periferals paired to your unifying receiver and allows you to unpair and pair periferals. Often when I do this (hurray for touchpads….) the mouse stops skipping.

Mate… thanks, that solved my problem!


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