renewable energy

Technically and economically sustainable, methanol could be our future ecologic energy source. It is easy to be produced and it is safe to be transported. A friend of mine has made a thesys upon the possible implementation and the effective economical sustinability of the production of this inflammable liquid.

The document is in italian. Help is required to translate it in a proper tecnical english, or any other language.

Please, fw this to whoever you think could be interested.


2 thoughts on “renewable energy

  1. Guido,
    there are some troubles is using methanol.
    The main is that the production is made from wheat (or other plants) and this use is in competition with the normal use as making food (flour, bread, …).
    This is not an hypothesis because Brazil has already started to produce and use methanol.
    What has happened is the cost of wheat has increased: in the net you can find some discussions.
    Another issue is that the combustion of methanol produces CO2, as gasoline combustion does,
    My two cents


  2. @gio’: the idea of Giulia is not based on the usage of food to make it but from the electical decomposition of the water… during the night, the surplus of energy could be used for this chemical procedure. Re-use. This is the must in her research. Give it a look 😉


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