FunSAT : an insane game

ok, be carefull… this is pretty… let’s say… it gets u addicted ๐Ÿ˜€

* ARTICLE (IT): PI: Progettare chip รจ un gioco

Electric circuit problem solving… I’d like to know the theory behind it


related to: “extreme compression

grinder:msm.git zeph$ ./gmsm 90575_exp90575.txt 90000_exp90000.txt
reading… 90575_exp90575.txt
a: converting to int()
reading… 90000_exp90000.txt
searching the bigger suitable divisor
selected the 1^th number of the serie
b_size: 445883
c_size:3100, r_size:445881
…writing results

-rw-r–r– 1 zeph staff 448983 Apr 12 18:33 90575_exp90575.txt
-rw-r–r– 1 zeph staff 448985 Apr 13 19:12 90575_exp90575.txt.msm

non ho compresso nulla… e i resti sono enormi…
comincio a dubitare della mia idea

in compenso mi sono divertito con python… (magra consolazione)

i sorci sono disponibili qui: Math Series Mapping

p.s. per chi volesse farsi del male e “misurare” la velocita’ del proprio pc puo’ provare il generatore di numeri di Fibonacci che ho codato per l’occasione… e’ un buon modo per far andare la CPU di quel nuovissimo pc che vi siete presi, tanto con WORD non lo metterete mai sotto carico come si deve ๐Ÿ˜€

scary functionality from RIAA

got a Mac? like me? you idiot!

look this…

I got an mp3 from a friend, on skype, and it was directly tracked and iconed by the filemanager. Iconed? Yes… the filemanager has immediately searched on the internet for the album it was belonging to and has added the proper album image to it. How can it do it? Simple, digging the ID3 tags present in the audio file. I wonder who else can know that my filesystem has requested those informations…

privacy… something unknown to lots of people,
and companies, RIAA in primis

+ + + [update this morning]

@Carlo: fuck you! I was so fucking scared… @All: the icon was embedded by iTunes at the source, so no fear (maybe…) ๐Ÿ˜€

wireless protocols

do not ever try to bet on something extremely stupid with an engineer… he’ll do it

   The IP datagram is printed, on a small scroll of paper, in
   hexadecimal, with each octet separated by whitestuff and blackstuff.
   The scroll of paper is wrapped around one leg of the avian carrier.
   A band of duct tape is used to secure the datagram's edges.  The
   bandwidth is limited to the leg length.  The MTU is variable, and
   paradoxically, generally increases with increased carrier age.  A
   typical MTU is 256 milligrams.  Some datagram padding may be needed.

   Upon receipt, the duct tape is removed and the paper copy of the
   datagram is optically scanned into a electronically transmittable

taken from:

probably most of you already know that RFC ๐Ÿ˜€