around the world

k, they just took down the record of sailing across the globe, without any stop, to 45 days… but, meh… from the perspective of doing “circumnavigation” of the world, they made a pretty strange path I would have done something like the arrows I marked down, passing by Suez and Panama channels. Yes, this would have been delaying the enterprise, but seriously… crossing Cape Horn and Cape of Good Hope, come on… that was a challenge for the 17th century with wood boats, not for the carbon fiber monster used these days. Anyhow, if u look at the map, 90% of the fun was some long fast rides in the middle of the ocean: the dots on the colored paths are day markers, as u can see a long distance between dots, means they were going fast like hell

ref: “Un’imbarcazione francese ha effettuato il periplo in 45 giorni“, Corriere della Sera
ref: “le Maxi Trimaran Banque Populaire V s’empare du TrophΓ©e Jules Verne“, Banque Populaire

anyhow… KUDOs to these guys πŸ˜‰

p.s. they were doing 30 knots of speed… amazing πŸ˜€

k, u need to click on the listing’s icon to see it…

ferie a vela

parto sabato, una di queste 2 tratte, vediamo πŸ™‚

(wind forecast) +Port of Poros +Perdika

(wind forecast) +Anavyssos

on google maps: Athens (wind forecast)

Calette verso Kea: 1, 2

Con un Oceanis 400, by

Boa “virtuale” nel Golfo di Saronico …speriamo non ci siano veramente raffiche da 22 nodi domenica o ci sara’ da ridere πŸ˜€ (e io che mi preoccupavo che non ci fosse vento…)


k, I’m writing while on the tram, I got a new nerdy toy… a mifi

let’s see how it will work on top of the mast… middle of August in Greece
(it should catch a good gsm signal over there and broadcast the wifi network on the boat… hopefully… )

p.s. I’m looking to make a mashed network at work with this thingy instead… CradlePoint CBA750 … nagios probes over GSM connections. πŸ™‚

muta da deriva

il mio miglio acquisto di questa stagione… a 36.90 euro :Tribord
Shortjohn CK500
… e’ dotato di rinforzi sotto alle ginocchia e sotto al sedere… e in caso di caldo torrido lo si puo’ tenere aperto a mezza vita… e’ fa-vo-lo-so!!!

dovrei fare i complimenti al responsabile sezione sport nautici del Decathlon di Brescia che me l’ha consigliato…